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Digital Garden Photos - Angel Trumpet, Blackberry Lily, Bougainvillea, Althea, Dahlia, Banana flower, Fairy Lily, Mexican Sage

Backyard Critters

We get hours of enjoyment watching the critters in our back yard. Unfortunately we aren't always fast enough
with the camera to catch them all, but here you will find some of our animal and insect friends.

bumblebee 2 net.JPG (37421 bytes)   gulf fritillary butterfly net.JPG (53506 bytes)   black cat_midnight net.JPG (62889 bytes) 

 dragon on peruvian daffodil 2 net.JPG (33192 bytes)  fantail goldfish net.JPG (49921 bytes)  tree frog net.JPG (31751 bytes) 

  hummingbird net.JPG (63830 bytes)   green lizard net.JPG (29837 bytes)   gulf fritillary catepillar net.JPG (38223 bytes)

    lizard in rosemary net.JPG (74493 bytes)   moon moth net.JPG (60229 bytes)   skink 2 net.JPG (121304 bytes)  

  green snake 1 net.JPG (97438 bytes)   spider 2 net.JPG (31367 bytes)  stinkbug net.JPG (42851 bytes)

  turtle net.JPG (77001 bytes)  walking stick net.JPG (28914 bytes)

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