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Digital Garden Photos - Angel Trumpet, Blackberry Lily, Bougainvillea, Althea, Dahlia, Banana flower, Fairy Lily, Mexican Sage
Backyard Garden
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abelia net.JPG (41912 bytes)

Lily of the Nile_Agapanthus net.JPG (53725 bytes)
Lily of the Nile - Agapanthus


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allamanda net.JPG (29784 bytes)

althea pink net.JPG (49126 bytes)
Althea - pink

angel trumpet pink1_brugmansia net.JPG (25946 bytes) 
Angel Trumpet

balloon flower fiji 3_platycodon grandiflorus net.JPG (58162 bytes)
Balloon Flower

blackberry lily_belamcanda net.JPG (30437 bytes)
Blackberry lily

australian tree fern_cyathea cooperi net.JPG (90534 bytes)
Australian Tree Fern

Banana group of three net.JPG (94499 bytes)
Banana Plants

bougainvillea net.JPG (33696 bytes)

butterfly weed seed pod_asclepias tuberosa net.JPG (30130 bytes)
Butterfly Weed

canna 1 net.JPG (27117 bytes)

cardboard palm new growth_zamia furfuracea net.JPG (70964 bytes)
Cardboard Palm

night blooming cereus_queen of the night_epiphyllum oxypetallum net.JPG (37892 bytes)
Night Blooming Cereus

chinese foxglove_rehmannia elata net.JPG (43876 bytes)
Chinese Foxglove

crocosmia_lucifer net.JPG (34655 bytes)

christmas cactus flower net.JPG (30810 bytes)
Christmas Cactus

chrysanthemum net.JPG (52159 bytes)

citronella plant citrosa geranium net.JPG (24497 bytes)
Citronella Plant

clematis 2_will goodwin net.JPG (28873 bytes)
Clematis - Will Goodwin

fan columbine 2_aquilegia nana net.JPG (44032 bytes)
Fan Columbine

daylily_hemerocallis net.JPG (34789 bytes)

dutchmans pipe open_aristolochia durior net.JPG (45912 bytes)
Dutchman's Pipe

elephant ears_colocasia esculenta net.JPG (49009 bytes)
Colocasia - Elephant Ears

mandevilla net.JPG (27146 bytes)

mexican sage net.JPG (43006 bytes)
Mexican Sage