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Digital Garden Photos - Angel Trumpet, Blackberry Lily, Bougainvillea, Althea, Dahlia, Banana flower, Fairy Lily, Mexican Sage

Backyard Garden II

On this page you will find photographs of more plants growing in our backyard gardens.

ajuga_caitlins giant net.JPG (36528 bytes)
Ajuga - Caitlin's Giant

bee balm bud _monarda didyma net.JPG (27402 bytes)
Bee balm bud - Monarda didyma





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black ginger_zingiber net.JPG (52194 bytes)
Black ginger - Zingebar "Midnight"

bromeliad 2 net.JPG (57562 bytes)

butterfly plant yellow net.JPG (38898 bytes)
Butterfly plant - yellow

cactus smelly flower 3_caralluma net.JPG (36172 bytes)
"Smelly" cactus

calla lily net.JPG (28815 bytes)
Calla lily 

cheddar pink_dianthus gratianopolitanus net.JPG (66953 bytes)
Cheddar Pinks - dianthus gratianopolitanus

coneflower_Echinacea net.JPG (32523 bytes)
Coneflower purple - Echinacea

crown of thorns_euphorbia milii net.JPG (26642 bytes)
Crown of thorns - Euphorbia milii

dahlia net.JPG (22837 bytes)

devils trumper_datura double purple net.JPG (35240 bytes)
Devils Trumpet - Datura

fairy lily_Zephyranthes net.JPG (23463 bytes)
Fairy lily - Zephyranthes

flowering maple_Abutilon hybridum net.JPG (22755 bytes)
Flowering maple - Abutilon hybridum

gardenia _Rubiaceae mystery net.JPG (18739 bytes)
Gardenia - Rubiaciae mystery

gardenia dwarf_Rubiaceae white gem net.JPG (46430 bytes)
Gardenia dwarf - Rubiaceae white gem

ginger hidden_curcuma petiolata net.JPG (22619 bytes)
Ginger hidden - curcuma petiolata

ginger white butterfly flower net.JPG (42602 bytes)
Ginger - white butterfly

hibiscus orange 2 net.JPG (28921 bytes)
Hibiscus - tropical

holly fern net.JPG (84502 bytes)
Holly fern

hollyhock2 net.JPG (19905 bytes)

hosta 1 net.JPG (69629 bytes)