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Digital Garden Photos - Angel Trumpet, Blackberry Lily, Bougainvillea, Althea, Dahlia, Banana flower, Fairy Lily, Mexican Sage

Bamboo Farm and Coastal Gardens, Savannah Georgia
UGA Banana Research Project 

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banana stand net.JPG (75893 bytes)
Banana "Stand"

 Brazilian flower net.JPG (52367 bytes) Brazilian fruit net.JPG (78977 bytes) Saba  net.JPG (69976 bytes) 
Brazilian Flower      Brazilian fruit            Saba          

Dwf Namwah fruit 2 net.JPG (38762 bytes) Dwf Namwah fruit 4 net.JPG (39354 bytes) Dwf Namwah fruit 5 net.JPG (32797 bytes)

Dwf Namwah fruit net.JPG (50378 bytes)  Dwf Namwah fruit 3 net.JPG (36153 bytes)
Dwf. Namwah

Greg and Sarah net.JPG (71230 bytes) Greg counting fingers2 net.JPG (65905 bytes)

Greg cutting banana net.JPG (78279 bytes)  growth in one day net.JPG (33436 bytes)  Belle net.JPG (53344 bytes) 

Greg with bunch net.JPG (84012 bytes) marked bunch net.JPG (37088 bytes)

Pace 2 net.JPG (34911 bytes)  

Pace net.JPG (48051 bytes) Sweetheart flower net.JPG (60825 bytes) Sweetheart flower with flag net.JPG (55472 bytes)
Pace                           Sweetheart      

separating suckers net.JPG (80169 bytes)