Greenhouse Construction
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Digital Garden Photos - Angel Trumpet, Blackberry Lily, Bougainvillea, Althea, Dahlia, Banana flower, Fairy Lily, Mexican Sage

After one year of trying to save the tender tropical plants under a tarp-wrapped gazebo, it was decided to build a greenhouse. This project was accomplished in two week-ends using a wood and polycarbonate construction. Corner posts were sunk in cement, and the frame was laid on top of concrete block. Dimensions are 8X10' with an 8' ceiling. A storm door with an opening screen window is used for entry. A removable section on the opposite side will provide warm weather ventilation. The floor was covered with stepping stones and smooth gravel on a grade leading away from the house. In the winter an electric radiant heater is used. The coldest it has gotten here is 14 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature in the greenhouse stayed up at a toasty 50 degrees that night. A wrap-around wooden shelf was put in the front and far side of the greenhouse. On the brick wall side a commercial six shelf stainless steel shelving unit sits holding many of the smaller plants. The wooden shelves are thirty-six inches high and larger plants are slide underneath.  Because the wall construction is polycarbonate, plenty of light comes in. Straps were attached to the ceiling rafters and hanging baskets were on them.